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Any bitcoiners in Mexico City?

I've hit up everyone on, but I thought I might reach out here.
I'm in the US and need to send pesos (about $15,000 = $1,000) to a friend in Mexico. I don't want to deal with Western Union (costs and forex rip-off) and my friend doesn't want bitcoin, so I suggested sending him bitpesos and connect him with a bitcoiner willing to cash him out in pesos.
I figure 4% commission might attract some crypto-preneurs.
The transaction would look like this:
  1. I send MXN15,000 from my USD card on Bitreserve to my friend in Mexico's Bitreserve account. Cost to me of .95% to go from bitUSD=>bitMXN.
  2. My friend meets up with a bitcoiner in Mexico City and transfers MXN15,000 to his BR account in exchange for MXN15,000 - 4% commission = MXN14,400.
  3. Bitcoiner flips MXN15,000 to BTC at a conversion cost of .95%.
So total cost to me and my friend is 4.95% (less than WU and profit goes to bitcoiner rather than WU).
Total profit to bitcoiner is 3+% (4%-.95%).
Any takers?
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Bitcoin Adaption, A First Big Step To Bitcoin Adoption. Lets see pricing in BTC before USD

Promoting BTC as a currency is important.
The Bitcoin Foundation promotes memberships in USD, not in BTC. If there was one organization that should be leading by example, it is the Bitcoin Foundation. Starting the "Adaption" process, getting consumers accustom to seeing Bitcoin as a currency, bits, millibits etc., is important and lends credibility to Bitcoin as a method of payment. For the Bitcoin Foundation to publish membership pricing in US Dollars - $100.00 / $250.00 Personal, $1,000.00 Silver, $25,000.00 Gold and $100,000.00 Platinum is wrong and demonstrates a lack of confidence. Sure they accept Bitcoin. Given their sole purpose is Bitcoin, they should post membership dues in BTC with a realtime converter showing USD subliminally positioned. It would be nice to see that the Platinum membership is 273.8 BTC (today).
CoinDesk is running an ad from DigitalX promoting "Enroll Now Receive $10.00 in Bitcoin". Why cant DigitalX promote "Enroll Now Receive 0.0273 BTC?"
The MIT Project says $100.00 in Bitcoin for every student, why cant MIT say "All Students get 0.273 BTC ($10.00USD at time of print) upon enrollment with a proviso that the BTC amount will be adjusted.
If these example organizations, the Bitcoin Foundation, DigitalX and MIT, there are more, are worried their viewership would not understand the value in USD, we have a BIG problem because their viewership knows and understands Bitcoin and should be accustom to seeing values stated in BTC.
If we want Adoption, we need to focus on the Adaption process.
The public need to start seeing the primary pricing in BTC with the corresponding value in USD, CAD, YUAN, PESO, etc.
There are ways to deal with Forex volatility.
BTC on Main Street, thats the goal.
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In finance, an 1 BTC to USD exchange rate is the Bitcoin to >US Dollar rate at which 1 Bitcoin to US Dollar will be exchanged for another. It is also regarded as the value of 1 BTC to USD in relation to another currency. For example, an interbank exchange rate of 114 Japanese yen to the United States dollar means that ¥114 will be exchanged for each US$1 or that US$1 will be exchanged for ... USD/MXN: Peso’s Bearish Momentum Highlights Risk Appetite. 1 hour ago Robert Petrucci Technical Analysis BTC/USD Forex Signal: Bullish. 1 hour ago Adam Lemon Technical Analysis Subscribe. Get DailyForex analysis to your email Subscribe. Get DailyForex analysis to your email Enter your email. Sign Up. We commit to never sharing or selling your personal information The difference between ... Alles rund um das Währungspaar USD/MXN. Vea en directo el gráfico de Bitcoin/Dólar EEUU, siga los precios del BTCUSD en tiempo real y obtenga los precios históricos. Consulte el análisis técnico y las previsiones del Bitcoin. BTC USD (Bitcoin / US Dollar) This is the most popular Bitcoin pair in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls this cryptocurrency and everyone can take part. Bitcoin price grew ... BTC [Bitcoin] PHP [Philippine Peso] 0.01 Bitcoin = 7737.830 Philippine Peso: 0.1 Bitcoin = 77378.30 Philippine Peso: 1 Bitcoin = 773783 Philippine Peso: 2 Bitcoin = 1547566 Philippine Peso: 3 Bitcoin = 2321349 Philippine Peso: 5 Bitcoin = 3868915 Philippine Peso: 10 Bitcoin = 7737830 Philippine Peso: 20 Bitcoin = 15475660 Philippine Peso: 50 ... This chart tracks the USD/MXN currency pair in real time. You can access additional information regarding the US Dollar to Mexican Peso by clicking on the chart, news & analysis or technical tabs ... Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD im Überblick: Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD und historische Kurs-Entwicklung zu Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD. Nachrichten und Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD-Charttool Währungen werden auf dem Devisenmarkt gehandelt, auch bekannt als Forex (Foreign exchange). Dies ist ein weltweiter, dezentralisierter Markt und gilt als der Markt mit dem größten Handelsvolumen und der größten Liquidität. Die Wechselraten sind durch die sich ständig ändernden Marktkräfte des Angebotes und der Nachfrage immer in Bewegung. Devisen-Trader kaufen ein Währungspaar, wenn ... BTC/USD: Aktueller Bitcoin - US-Dollar Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs BTC in USD.

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